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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  August 13, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> there are so many is the key, a little dirty tricks that are in the senate bill that we've got to ferret out. >> the house ways and means committee has a score of local and nimitz that include giving shares to jurisdictions. >> they are all over the place about the raids. about the table games. >> the baltimore city delegation also has a portion that prohibits conjurations to political campaigns. >> if you have a company that owns a multiple genesis, will they be punished by not needing to make any kind of contributions whatsoever?
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>> this bill is not even close making it to the full house. a subcommittee is still working on amendments to the bill. they did approve oversight for the new gaming commission, but they rejected a commitment calling for a $10 million licensing fee on table games. >> you can see what is at stake or even the governor's gaming bill in its entirety and its -- and his answer sheet to frequently asked questions. also, details on how existing businesses could be affected. that is all i and click on "politics." >> president obama is kicking bus tour of-day t iowa. >> good evening from washington. suddenly, this does feel like a full board campaign.
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and medicaid could have stood alone as the number-one issue in iowa. >> his opponent got a buzz over the weekend by picking a running mate, but in iowa today, president obama created his own buzz as only an incumbent can, ordering the federal government to buy $150 million worth of meat and fish from hard-hit farmers. the president said the farm bill, for is on capitol hill, would help more, and sigel out mitt romney's running mate for helping to block it. >> if you happen to see congressman ryan cannot tell him how important is farm bill is to iowa communities. >> mitt romney, too, was in the state. his speech was repeatedly interrupted. >> we do not want a welfare state. we do not want to prolong this recession.
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>> a state full of people using medicare that ryan wants to shrink. but romney and rain charge that president obama did that. >> the president wants to cut medicare by $7 billion. we want to preserve and protect medicare. >> under obamacare, medicare payments will stop, not the benefits to seniors. proposal, ryan's ending medicare as entitlement. a reuters poll out today finds so far that's ryan on the ticket has not raised mitt romney's numbers.
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>> a nice looking summer day across the area. clouds and the temperature about normal. severe storms in our region this afternoon. some showers out over the ohio valley and the great lakes. nothing severe at this time, just to go showers popping up. -- typical showers popping out. this system working its way through alabama and georgia will be working its way to the mid- atlantic tomorrow. more details on that with the seven-day in a couple of minutes. >> a suspicious death in anne arundel county. police say the body of 50-year- old. kenyan was found around 930 -- jarius kenyan was found around 9:30 a.m. sunday morning. police do have a personal interest in custody. and with the information is
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asked to call police. >> the man accused in the murder trial in the death of kalisha barnes has been postponed -- his trial has been postponed. >> it looks like we will wait at least four more months for this trial to begin as both sides in this case are asking the judge for more time to prepare. another delay in the case of michael johnson, the 28-year-old accused of murdering 16-year-old phylicia barnes in 2010. >> we received a large portion of the discovery already. we're just taking our time to go through everything. >> both the prosecution and the defense asking for a mutual postponement because of the amount of information and evidence that has mounted, including 17,000 pages of discovery already submitted by the state.
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>> we feel confident that will be more than enough time to parse through all that is there and streamline what is relevant and what is not in preparation for trial. >> the documents accused johnson of asphyxiating barnes in her sister's apartment and then using a 35 gallon tub to move her body. still feel thers state's case is weak. 11 news reached barnes father in north carolina after monday during an he said he is trying to remain positive, saying, "as long as the accused is still in jail, that is the first that. we can live another day pierre gabbe we believe he is a child murderer. johnson's lot -- we can live another day." . we believe he is a child murderer. johnson's lawyer maintains his
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innocence. >> he remains in a prison suit, with his hands and legs shackled. a new trial date was given for january 21 of next year. >> breaking news out of howard county right now. reports of an overturned truck on i-95. captain roy taylor over the scene. >> this is a tractor-trailer that is full of trash and garbage. southbound i-95 just south of i 32 -- route 32. right now, you'll have to go fast lanes of i-95 shutdown because of a tractor-trailer is leaking fuel all over the highway. they have requested the anti- to respond.
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-- the mte to respond. >> two fires reported in anne arundel county this weekend, the first just before 8:00 p.m. last night at a town house in dela rose a court in pasadena. two were injured, but not life- threatening burns. a man and woman were able to get out safely from the second fire, but it suffered smoke inhalation. no word on what sparked the fires. >> a water main in downtown baltimore has been fixed and public cruz begin repaving this week. officials decided they would replace the entire main, as well as a parallel 10-inch mine as well as a 12-inch line along redwood street. this was the scene last month.
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the rupture lead to major drug delays, in many cases adding an hour on to the commute. >> athletes, coaches, families and spectators headed home after the london olympics. martha farleys in heathrow to explain. >> this is expected to be heathrow's busiest day of the olympic games. an estimated 116,000 people flying away after closing ceremonies is today. there will be traveling through this one special temporary terminal. this has been built to look like a london park. it has benches, fun boxes, and a memory tree.
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>> i will have so many memories from these games. it will be a great memory. >> amongst those memories, victories of gold medals. also support from the crowd and thousands of volunteers throughout the games. and despite the huge number of people flying out, things are going very smoothly. >> what is next for the most decorated olympian ever? according to the golf channel, michael walz is looking to play the world's largest golf courses and improve his game with hank cheney. the 22-time olympic medalist made the announcement this weekend that he will retire. coming for the fifth season will be beginning next month.
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>> that should be fun. >> apparently could use some help on the golf course. >> a child whose snores may have behavioral issues. what is to be done about it. >> and pre menopausal women. stay tuned for those stories coming up.
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>> here's a look at what is happening right now. the first-degree murder trial and the man accused in the 2010 death of -- of phylicia barnes is postponed. both sides say much of the murder has not -- much of the evidence of the murder has not been sorted. prosecutors say michael johnson killed barnes in her sister's apartment and then used a 35 pound have to move the body. mitt romney's running mate told a crowd in des moines, iowa that he and romney want to turn things around. he was interrupted by someone shouting "stop the war on the pour."
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>> president obama has given us four years of trillion dollars or more deficits. he is making matters worse and spending our children's futures. we are not going to stand for that. on november the sixth, we will change that. >> this is the worst economic recovery in 70 years, he went on, adding that we needed policies to get people back to self-sufficiency and dignity. >> in tonight's medical alert, do you know a child whose snores? loud, chronic snoring in children may signal future behavioral problems. researchers studied mothers of 249 children found that those who snored loudly at least twice a week at age two or three have more behavioral problems like attention deficit and bedwetting. the problem is usually enlarged
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tonsils or adenoids and the problem is resolved by removing them. a new study coming from the cancer center in houston is based on 74 patients -- 474 patients. one group of patients that did not see the benefit of mastectomy were women who did not have high-grade tumors. and women who are pre menopausal may notice they are having a little trouble with their memory. the real problem for many women, a problem of our -- often called green frog. >> -- brean farag. the. brain fog. >> this woman was noticing that she had problems while studying. >> i've never had the problem before, but now when i study and
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i go and take a pre-test or something i have no idea. i know i just read it. i have to do it again. >> she told her doctor about what was happening and it turns archer was experiencing a pretty normal change that. menopausal women experience. menopausal women experience. >> often, it is with complicated tasks like calculating a tip, adding the up with your spending in the course restore, and even holding the attention. for donna, this was a big relief. >> it was a big relief because i did not know of what's going on. i would get frustrated. then she said a could be related to menopause. it was such a relief. >> while there is no medicine for this, there are exercises that can help.
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>> make your tasks repetitive. if someone tells you about something, you repeat it back to them or write it down. you can also exercise your brain where you perform memory games. so do go is a good one. -- soduko is a good one. >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> a couple of showers trying to move across the middle atlantic, but high-pressure all been strong across our region for now. dry weather all around the baltimore area. most of the showers are west of the mounds through the great lakes and into ohio. for tonight, the driver's side of that weather pattern. -- and on the driver's side of that weather pattern. the highs are only 73 degrees out in western maryland.
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the warm temperatures today are accompanied by the dewpoints 50's and 60's. that means a much more comfortable air mass, less moisture in the atmosphere and not nearly as muggy. a little bit more humid @ crisfield with a dewpoint of 70. tonight, just a few clouds as the front begins to approach. sun said this evening at a 04 p.m. a beautiful summer evening. these fronts will combine and track across the region tomorrow afternoon into wednesday morning we may have some clouds and showers and may be a
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passing thunderstorms. most of the heavier rain and heavier storms are to our north. we may see a few of these showers breaking up. that will continue perhaps into the first part of wednesday. at least a couple of scattered showers lingering through midday wednesday. after that, high-pressure follows the front. dewitt clearing skies into thursday. -- with clearing skies into thursday. thursday almost looks like a repeat of today. mostly cloudy tomorrow, scattered thunderstorms. winds out of this out at high it -- of -- and a high of 5-10. on the bay, a small craft advisory with guests to 20
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knots. up in the mountains, 70's today. they will be there tomorrow with a shower moving in and mailing green to tuesday as well. the weather is right and the days are wrong. this should be tuesday and wednesday. scattered storms on the eastern shore. eighth chance for an afternoon thunderstorm with highs in the 80's. of a storm.e a sunny day thursday with a few more thunderstorms arriving friday into saturday >> we want to update you on the overturned tractor trailer on southbound i- 95 in howard county. what is the latest there. -- what is the latest there? >> the driver of the vehicle has been transported to a local hospital.
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they are trying to contain the fuel on board the tractor- trailer. but it is still leaking, so they are dealing with that. the big deal is going to be traffic. traffic southbound on 95 is backed up for about nine -- 5 miles. that is also affecting route 32. that traffic is almost back up to dpw parkway. and people going eastbound are backed up as well because of trying to get onto 95. >> that is a mess. >> still ahead to night, ordered to stand trial. >> will have the latest on secret vatican document as we cover the world. > organic artichokes, organic lettuce, organic kale...
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for our schools, our community, and a better future in maryland.
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>> for all of you oyster lovers out there, there is an easy way to help the chesapeake bay just by stating your oyster shells. >> they can be used to create more or oysters. >> behind a starbucks on ritchie highway and severna park, there is something that you would not expect. an oyster recycling -- an oyster shell resecting been. -- recycling bin. it is run by the state chesapeake bay foundation and provide an easy way for people to save the environment. >> it helps citizens feel like they're doing something to save the day as they go to the store to eat a dozen oysters. >> y schurick you save yourself? they are used for a variety of -- why should you save your shells of? they're used for a variety of projects. >> they settle out and
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reattached to the old shells, just like they would in a while. then you take the show that has a bunch of new babies on them and they will turn into new oysters. it helps the population. >> a population that has been decreasing because of overfishing and poor water quality. it also helps to keep a clean. >> they are amazing filters. and a duet -- adult oyster can filter about 50 gallons a day. >> the chesapeake bay foundation hopes to have more or steer -- or steer recycling bins around the area -- oyster recycling bins around the area. correct a stabbing death in daylight and the suspect is still on the loose. how you can help tracking down. >> i am in washington with more on paul ryan's debut coming up. [ female announcer ] with swiffer wetjet,
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>> wbal tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. continues now. >> new at 5:30 p.m., he has only been on the romney ticket for two days, but paul ryan is going
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it all alone on the campaign trail. >> his first solo appearance was in iowa on the campaign trail, where president obama was also campaigning. >> it was all hands on deck today. romney, brian, obama, biden, -- and no one held back. >> when you see the president come through on his bus tour, you might ask him the same question i am being asked from people all around america, and that is, where are the jobs, mr. president? >> i am told that governor romney's new running mate, paul ryan, might be around in the next few days. if you happen to see congress and ryan, tell him how important this farm bill is to iowa of rural communities. we've got to put politics aside.
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>> the president blamed congress for holding a big bill for drought-stricken farmers. >> congressman ryan has given definition to the big commitments that romney has been making. >> it does not make any sense to cut medicare. it will be a voucher plan. >> they put out a plan targeting senior voters in florida. idea, forsident's instance, for medicare, was to cut it by $700 billion. [boos] we want to be sure we preserve and protect medicare. >> a gallup poll shows americans are split on paul ryan. one poll shows an uptick in his
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favorability. >> mitt romney will be holding an event in florida and then in ohio tomorrow. president obama is campaigning in a iowa and then will make more stops in the next few days. and michelle obama will be making an appearance on the tonight show. >> police are in search of a man accused of stabbing another man in broad daylight. a couple in their mid 20's were walking in the area of fifth avenue and glen burnie saturday morning when a meal suspect approached them and attempted to steal the woman's purse. her boyfriend tried to stop the man and the suspect had him. he suffered non-life threatening injuries. the suspect is a black male, iran 30 years old with a bald head and -- are around 30 years old with a bald head and capri shorts. the request came from both the
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prosecution and defense for a delay in the murder trial of the suspect in the phylicia barnes death. prosecutors believe that michael johnson killed her in her sister's apartment and then used a tub to move her body. house members are calling the senate's version of the gambling bill crazy. there are concerns that the bill allows table games to operate in prince george's county before the baltimore city casino even opens. the city delegation does not like what they have heard about the referendum questions, saying the proposed freezing seems to look at a yes answer. several amendments have been a look at, including enhancements to the casino jurisdiction and increasing the tax rate on a location impacted by the sight. the olympics created many on inspiring moments for many
5:34 pm
around the world and from all around the world. >> and for some, motivation to try something new. lisa robinson has the story appeared -- the story. >> the u.s. woman put on an incredible show on the indoor volleyball court. the delaney valley high school varsity coach terry lyons says the olympics has made more girls try out for the sport than he has seen in the his eight years here. >> my first year at the lany was really loud. then about four years ago, the olympics came and we had a job. >> this 11th-grader agrees. she is in her third year of playing volleyball. >> there are a lot more girls than usual. everyone says they try out
5:35 pm
because of the olympics. it got them excited because of the seat -- for the season. >> many agree that the u.s. women's volleyball players had a lot to do with their decision to try out. >> i was watching the olympics a couple of days ago and i was watching the volleyball tournament. when i saw them and their big win, the influence me to want to try it. >> you have to be quite an athlete with split-second decisions and teamwork. it is the best sport in the world, i think. >> as the olympics are winding down just as all sports are winding up, volleyball, soccer, and hockey are all seeing a bit of a spike. >> tonight, at the mark -- a
5:36 pm
family is more in the death of a 17-year-old boy and the girl held responsible is his mother. >> how is gabrielle giffords doing more than a year-and-a- half after being shot outside a tucson supermarket? we need to look for a new van. yeah. i just don't know where to start.
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glad you found us. start by test-driving nearly every make and model, all in one place. carmax. start here.
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>> a vatican judge has ordered a man to stand trial for pilfering documents from pope benedict cozy apartments. the vatican has promised a public trial, but no date has been set. gabrielle was married and after several weeks in isolation he was released to house arrest over this summer. in arizona, a tucson woman is accused of killing her own two young children. police say she shot her 17-year-
5:40 pm
old -- 17-month-old son and four-month old daughter. she is charged with two counts of child abuse. the father shared a home with the woman and two children but was not there when the shootings took place. >> it was reported the restful night and a north carolina hospital for evangelist billy graham's where he is being treated for bronchitis. he had his breakfast this morning and seems to be doing well. he was admitted to the hospital early sunday morning. a he is responding well to treatment and remains in stable condition. last november he was also hospitalized for pneumonia. and covers from and gabrielle giffords has returned home. giffords and her husband mark kelly had been living in another city what she was undergoing
5:41 pm
rehabilitation. jaret loughner pleaded guilty last week and will spend the rest of his life in prison. >> still ahead, google is laying off about 4000 employees. details coming out. >> and while the summer may have ruined the garden, you may have better luck this fall. >> of little rain
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>> here is what we're working on for 11 news at 6:00 p.m. the council is calling on b.g.e. to reduce response times that of more than 1000 customers without [ female announcer ] with swiffer wet
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>> the focus in baltimore turns from gold matter to a silver trophy. 11 news sports director gerry sandusky joins us live from reagan's camp for more. >> -- the ravens camp for more. >> the weather conditions will be a lot different than they were in practice today. a quick turnaround for the ravens after an evening practice in annapolis. john harbaugh had his players out on the field again today. both members out on the field today were part of last year's draft. both are expected to have
5:45 pm
expanding roles this season. one could become a frequent target. it looks like they will have joe flacco during this season. >> john karr bob wants as much up front as possible. -- john karr bob wants as much up front as possible. coming up at 6:00 p.m. the majane harbaugh -- john harbaugh talks about what it look like today compared to the preseason opener. >> and now your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> a normally warm august afternoon but with less moisture in the atmosphere.
5:46 pm
but rather comfortable for most folks with the dewpoint levels dropped. the afternoon high of 88 beating the average bright two degrees. they did not feel that bad. the record high 10 years ago, 99 degrees on this 13th day of august. across the region, mainly dry conditions up and down the eastern seaboard. it does not look like there will be any measurable rain today. 73 at oakland, 79 on the beach at ocean city. it is rather warmer across most of the mid-atlantic across most of southern the wing went. boston at 83 degrees. 60's in the suburbs tonight. the sun does not set until 8:04 p.m. a couple of slow-moving fronts will be crowding into the mid-
5:47 pm
atlantic tomorrow. once the shower chance arrives tomorrow afternoon, it is likely to continuing to the first part of wednesday. tomorrow, with the cloud cover increasing and the rain chances increasing, the highs will be held down a bit. 81-86 and the winds at 5-10. there will be a small craft advisory with the waves of chopping up to two feet. the water temperatures in the low 80's. that is where it will stay in the next couple of days, but adding clouds and a few showers. may 80's, scattered thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and maybe a few lingering showers on wednesday. high temperatures in the low to mid 80's. feeling a little more humid as the southerly breezes gradually
5:48 pm
increase. in that midlantic we had strong tropical depression. it's kind of fizzled out. thank phillippe did not develop further. -- thank fully it did not develop further. the weather disturbances in the atlantic will have to be monitored. tomorrow, a high of 84. a couple of scattered showers as guys gradually clear wednesday. then a beautiful thursday. warm and comfortable at 87. late friday into saturday, another round of showers and thunderstorms. >> we begin tonight's consumer alert with a quick reminder to take advantage of maryland's tax-free week. until saturday, clothing and shoes costing $100 or less are exempt from state sales tax.
5:49 pm
you can see the list of items eligible for the tax break at the website be sure to click on "project economy." google will be passing out pink slips to thousands of employees. it will cut about 4000 jobs at its motorola mobility business. most of the cuts will take place outside the u.s. google will also close or consolidate about one-third of motorola's 90 locations. motorola mobility has lost money in the past several quarters and the changes are in an effort to make it profitable again. barnes and noble are making cuts, but in prices. the cost of the nowak tablet computer is dropping by $20, bringing down to $179, meaning it is 100 -- now $100 less than its rival, the kindle fire.
5:50 pm
sprint is going to turn some of its stores -- sears is going to turn some of its stores, including hardware stores tried to spin off companies. news of the move sent the stock up in trading today. it is hard to imagine anyone interested in trying to grow something right now, but right now is nearly the perfect time for planting. >> gardening instructor david blackly is getting a job on getting young cabbage plant in the ground. soon to be followed by a host of other veggies. >> this is a big part head cabbage. this is a little small person all sides. cabbage. -- personal sized. he cabbage. >> it is time to start a fall garden of things that thrive in
5:51 pm
cool weather. >> onions, carrots, spinach. >> whether from seed or getting potted plants. >> seats are the most economical way. >> less heat and fewer bugs. >> it is a lot less of a battle with mother nature in the fall. >> and the payoff before winter sets in can be impressive. >> there are things that you plant right now you'll be able to serve them before thanksgiving, like beets, collards, sugar snap peas. >> blackly says these guidelines apply even to the colder northern states. >> even a heavy snow cover is ok for certain crops. that is where brussels sprouts and traps are more popular in that part of the country. -- and turnips are more popular in that part of the country. >> growing your own in a fall cart -- fall garden looks mighty
5:52 pm
enticing. >> it seems there is an app for just about everything these days, and now there's one for disaster. the red cross has a new app that could come in handy, especially during hurricane season. it can help you with your pets and even find open shelters. it changes the way people connect in disasters. >> when i started talking with the red cross, you know, the computers and the shelters, there were is not a lot of connectivity at all. but now as soon as something happens, social media is on it and it travels around the world so quickly. >> this will be one more way to find the calm before and after the storm. >> coming up, a call for p.g. to reduce its response time during the june storm that left thousands without power for up
5:53 pm
to a week. >> some american history flights >> some american history flights into [ male announcer ] progress. opportunity. a better life for our kids. it's right on our doorstep... but the next step is up to you. building a world-class resort casino at national harbor
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would mean thousands of good paying union jobs and one billion dollars for our schools. after years of debate, it's time to let the people decide. tell your lawmakers to vote yes on national harbor. for our schools, our community, and a better future in maryland.
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>> if you looked up into the skies afternoon and site world war ii bomber flying around, you were not imagining things. >> they were called the flying fortress. a very large aircraft. they helped to bring world war ii to an end.
5:56 pm
>> they helped win the second world war. the b-17 bomber and the crews that flew them were part of american history. more than 67 years after the war ended, only a few of these aircraft are still flying today at martin state airport, one of the aircraft actually used in the movie "memphis belle" was here as a salute to veterans, part of the liberty foundation event. >> we just want to spread the message from world war ii, just to remind the public this is what made this country great kamal of the things that came together to unify this country, and also to honor the veterans and those still living. >> for anyone out there rats --
5:57 pm
who as a kid watch all of those world war ii movies and dreamed of flying a b-17, today i got my chance. along with other members of the press was a man with a radio operator during the war. 89-year-old ken henderson flew 26 missions over germany. >> we got shot up. we were extremely lucky, my crew. no one was injured. we got through without a scratch. >> the idea with flying these around the country to keep the idea of american history alive. >> february 10, 1944, there were 24 in our barracks when we
5:58 pm
left, and six of oz came back. >> -- six of us came back. kriecha that is very cool. -- >> that is very cool. >> that is all at 5:00 p.m. >> this is what is coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> city hall is considering a measure that would put -- cut down on widespread outages in future storms. >> the house is considering giving two casino operators a tax break. >> and pricing on both sides in the phylicia barnes murder trial. >> from wbal tv 11, this is breaking news. >> we begin tonight with an update on some breaking news. and overturned tractor trailer in howard county. still quite a mess out there.
5:59 pm
>> yes, it is. they have been opened -- able to open up one more line for people coming southbound. the traffic is horrendous. it is backed up all the way to route 100. oryou're traveling on 175 100, is heavy traffic there as well for people trying to get on southbound 95. >> and now to our big story at this hour. baltimore councilwoman mary pat clarke is requesting that b.g.e. officials appear before the council to discuss outage times after the june storm. >> some were left without electricity for more than a week. >> there are still a lot of unanswered questions surrounding b.g.e.'s response ratio. b.g.e.'s response ratio.


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